Introducing: The Online Dutch Oldschool League 


Welcome to the Online Dutch Oldschool League. This is a series of recurring online tournaments setup for the Dutch/Belgium community but everybody else is welcome as well as long you’re able to play around the central european time zone. 

Introducing the ODOL 

After all the positive feedback I received on organising the corona cup I knew I wanted to create a follow-up which would provide us with short termed online tournaments 4-6 matches per tournament followed by a top 8/16. One thing which I was sure needed to remain is that we enforce playing in the Central European Time zone, this would ensure the matches can be scheduled quickly and we can continue to the next tournament. How often we will run a tournament is not set in stone, maybe monthly, could be more frequent depending on when we have enough people willing to play and my personal life allows me to host. 


If you’ve found this website you should have received the registration link already, if not please find the registration link for the specific month in the Dutch Old School Guild – MTG 93/94 group on Facebook or Raging Bull series website. 


We will divide the players in groups, depending on the amount of people joining the numbers of groups and group size will vary. At least each group winner will progress to the Top-8 but again depending on the number of groups a runner up might as well. 


The format is Swedish unless mentioned otherwise. Reprints of the same art/same frame are allowed (exceptions are revised Plateau and Dib) IE/IC is also allowed. Rounds will be untimed. No draws, if there is a draw play another game until there is a winner.

Scheduling Matches:

Please find your group and match-ups in the Google sheet (link in the event details), see the attendees for contact details. Most of us are in a Whatsapp group, message people directly so we don’t spam the whole group. Please note that not everybody is part of the group so lookup the contact details in the players list. 

Submitting scores:

The winner submits the scores using the score submission form (link in the event details). 


Have fun, don’t be a jerk and if you need judging, use your common sense or check out the great FAQ written by the Brothers of Fire



Q: What do I need?
A: You can use your phone, your laptop camera or order a webcam, the last option often works the best, I personally use a Logitech C9X0 but other players have great cameras for a lot cheaper. 

Q: Where do we play?
A: Most used is, it’s a free solution which requires no installation, other options are Skype or Discord, just agree on a method with your opponent. 

Q: Are deck lists mandatory?
A: No, but they are appreciated

Q: It states Dutch league, can I also join when i’m not Dutch?
A: Yes it is but you will be required to play your games during the Central European Time zone, this is key to the success and speed of the tournaments. If you’re based outside of the central European area be prepared to play during mornings or daytime.

Author: HW-MTG

I started playing somewhere around end of 94 start of 95, FE was in stores and 4th edition was coming out, I played up until about Visions/Weatherlight when I got other interests like most of the 18 year olds, besides that, I lost the fun with all the new cards. About 2 years ago my friend Richard told me that he started playing Magic again, there was a “new” format called old school and it was fun, like the old days, as a true ponzi master he lent me his deck and I was hooked immediately, the pyramid successfully expanded ;-). I'm also the organizer of the monthly Online Oldschool League

4 thoughts on “Introducing: The Online Dutch Oldschool League 

  1. I signed up on Tolaria. Is that all I have to do? I wanted to see who to get in contact with the get signed up and scheduled for this month.

  2. Sorry for not catching your question earlier. Best is to contact HW-MTG on Tolaria or Facebook. He’s running the show!

  3. Jim has already joined this month so all is sorted! Tolaria is the place to join all these monthlies!


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