See below for all the details about the Magic Reborn League. In case you don’t want to go through the long read, these are the key points:

  • Play draft or sealed deck events with old sets (open new packs!).
  • Cards retrieved will enter the closed MTG Reborn card pool.
  • You can trade cards with players also taking part in the MTG Reborn League.
  • Build decks with your MTG Reborn card pool, play casual games with friends.
  • After a while we will organize constructed events to play in a tournament setting with your MTG Reborn deck!


General Information:
Why another format?

Remember when you started playing Magic? Most of us started after opening a starter and maybe a couple of boosters and then you started trading with your friends. The card pool was very small, your friends Serra Angel was the biggest thing in your playgroup and you either had to buy more boosters (for which you hardly had money) or visit places outside your playgroup to bring in more cards into your playgroup’s card pool. While the (Swedish) Old School format was created to bring back the nostalgic feeling of early day Magic, nowadays you can buy any card online as long as you have the money.

We think that a format in which the card pool is very small could be real fun and a great addition next to all the other fantastic formats Old School has to offer. Next to that we wanted to organize Old School draft/sealed deck events. However we all know that the premium for sealed boosters will only further increase so while opening is priceless, it’s also costly. Why not re-use the cards opened during these draft/sealed deck events and put them in a new, closed card pool?

So how does it work? Anybody who joins the Magic Reborn League starts with an empty card pool. You cannot buy singles, you cannot open boosters and you cannot trade cards that come from outside the Magic Reborn card pool. We will organise draft/sealed deck events, where boosters will be opened. All cards that are retrieved from these boosters will be part of the Magic Reborn card pool. After the draft/sealed deck event you can keep all cards and you have to keep them separated from all your other cards. (We advise you to keep them in a separate storage box, binder or deck box)
What then? After you’ve received your first cards you can start to trade with other people who also attended the draft/sealed deck event and are part of the Magic Reborn League (not necessarily all people that participate in the draft/sealed deck event also want to be active in the Magic Reborn League). Obviously everybody will be after the same cards and most good cards people don’t want to let go. You might have a great number of black/red cards but also a Force of Nature, trading away your Force of Nature means your opponent’s deck will be improved, so you probably want something awesome in return as well don’t you?
Can I still join even if I couldn’t attend one of the Draft/Sealed events? Actually yes you can! In case you couldn’t join a draft/sealed deck event, you can open the same packs as we opened during the draft/sealed deck event(s) and put them in your Magic Reborn card pool. If 1 or more events were already held and you still want to join, it’s up to you if you want to “catch up” and open the same amount of boosters we’ve opened already. For the full list of Boosters already opened see the overview below. (please give a heads-up before you do just so we know more cards will join the card pool)
How can I join? Show up at any of the draft/sealed deck events and let us know you would like to join the Magic Reborn League. In case you couldn’t make it to any of the draft/sealed deck events and you still like to join, shoot any of us a message. We will put all people in 1 big What’s App group, so you know who’s in and can ask around for trades or casual (skype) games.
When do we play?

We will kick of the Magic Reborn League with a sealed deck event and after 1st event you can start trading and playing casual games amongst each other with your first Magic Reborn deck. You can keep trading in between events and play kitchentable magic whenever you want but we expect that we need to organise 2/3 draft/sealed deck events before the card pool starts to get big enough to make things more interesting.

You can continue to play and trade to improve your Magic Reborn deck and we encourage everybody to bring their decks during any Old School event but obviously always during any of the draft/sealed deck events held. After 3-5 draft/sealed deck events we will host an Old School Tournament to crown the first Magic Reborn champion!

What kind of expectations do you have? The draft/sealed deck events will be held in the Netherlands so chances are big this remains a local format with very few players. Since we cannot meet regularly and there are already many Old School tournaments hosted in the Netherlands we hope to organise an event every 3-4 months. Since it’s a much smaller format, evenings on weekdays become an option as well. It’s more an additional casual format on the side in which you can re-use your cards gathered from the draft/sealed deck events then a format which we expect to be the next big thing. It’s another way to enjoy Old School magic and opening boosters, it’s not our mission to replace or improve anything existing today.

If you like to organise this yourself within your own playgroup/community, be my guest! Would be nice if you let me know, just for informational purposes.
Additional Information
Legal Sets Since we want to keep the format affordable and “Old School” the sets we expect to open are: Fallen Empires, 4th Edition, Chronicles, Ice Age, Homelands, Alliances and if we really feel like (Italian) The Dark.
Foreign Languages While during the draft/sealed deck events we will probably mostly open English Boosters, Foreign Boosters are allowed. If you’ve missed a draft/sealed deck event and prefer to open a foreign language boosters (of the same set), it’s okay.
Banned & Restricted List TBD
Rules We play with modern rules, so: No mana burn, most recent Mulligan Rule (Vancouver), etc
Can I play without sleeves? If you prefer minty cards, triple sleeve if you like. If you like to play sleeveless, why not? These cards are your own. Do however remember that you will add “minty” cards to your decks later on which might get spotted a little easy if you’ve been playing sleeveless for a long time 😉
How do I get “enough” basic lands when only opening boosters? This is indeed a problem if we don’t open enough starters. Therefor we allow to add (snow-covered) basic lands from outside the card pool. Preferably (although we will allow for exceptions at the start) from either 4th Edition or Ice Age.
How do we prevent cheating? Unless you only allow Boosters to be opened face to face and track anything opened you can never fully control this format. If people want to cheat, they’ll cheat. Therefor it’s pretty simple, cheat and you will be banned for life.
Tournaments Planned:
Format Starters/Boosters Date Venue
Magic Reborn Sealed Deck
(Max 16 Players)
1 * 4th edition starter
2 * Chronicles booster
2 * Fallen Empires booster
Price: €91,-
Friday 4th of October – 19:30 till 01:00 2 Klaveren Amsterdam
Fallen Empires Pre-Release Draft 
(Max 32 Players)
6 * Fallen Empires booster (Hosted by Joep)
Price: €30,-
Sunday 17th of November – 10:30 till 18:00 Vendetta Hilversum
Ice Age Block Draft

2 * Ice Age booster
1 * Homelands booster
1 * Alliances booster
Price: €56,-

TBD Available Options:
Fallen Empires Booster: 310
4th Edition Booster: 38
Ice Age Booster:  150
Ice Age Starters: 18
Chronicles Booster: 105
Homelands Booster: 79
Alliances Booster: 6

Magic Reborn League Constructed Tournament Play with what you’ve gathered.
It’s time to put your Magic Reborn deck to the test!