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Deck Tech: Erhnam Burn’em

While Anne will explore the more niche archetypes in Old School, I will focus on the more common archetypes. These…

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Raging Bull Series: 2020 – Artist sketch reveal

The Raging Bull Series is this year on the 6th of June (for more information click here). Currently we have…

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Magic Reborn so far

Let’s give a little bit of an update on Magic Reborn in general and specifically my own progression so far….

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Scryings Spoiler #2

Oh boy! Another Scryings spoiler. The first card I was asked to spoil was Pox, a very spicy black Ice…

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Scryings Spoiler

Scryings? Yes, Scryings! Haven’t you heard, there’s a new old MtG set about to be released. A set of 116…

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25yr Fallen Empires Draft – Tournament Report

Last Sunday Joep organised a Fallen Empires draft to celebrate its 25th anniversary. We weren’t the only community in the…

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Team Unified World Cup London – Tournament Report

Team Unified was on my to-do list since last year’s event. The All Things Considered Podcasts about the format made…

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Old School Spike 4 Life

As you might know or not know, I only play Old School. I started about 2 years ago and at…

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Magic Reborn: 4th Edition Sealed – Tournament Report

For those who follow this blog know I’ve been hyping Magic Reborn (click here for more info) a bunch. I…

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Raging Bull Series: 2020 Edition – General Information

General Information: Date: Saturday 06-06-2020 Pre-Registration: Send an email to Registration Open: 10:30 (Doors open at 10:00) Tournament Start:…