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Guestblog: Summerderby 2022

Robbert is back! He wrote a big tournament report of his Winterderby 2021 adventure and wanted to do this again…

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You never forget your first!

Hang-on, didn’t we already had a blogpost on this site about N00bcon? Yes you we have but I also wanted…

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N00bcon 13: My Little Fantasy

I’m finally calming down and it’s 4 days after n00bcon. My head was everywhere during the lasts few days, so…

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Guestblog: DadBodCon 2022 Organiser Report

 “A room full of people enjoying the same thing they love, that’s what I did it for…” DadBodCon 2022 was…

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Reborn League: Ice Age Draft Tournament Report

I don’t have a lot of time but I’m so full of joy still from playing over the weekend that…

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Guestblog: Winterderby 2021

Robbert played his first Derby and has written a great tournament report to share his experience. I have been playing…

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Dwarven Warriors 2021

I’ve had Beta Fever since Dwarven Warriors 2019. I’ve upgraded most of my collection by now apart from power, some…

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Summerderby 2021, a tournament report

Each year Dave Firth Bard organizes two major OldSchool events, the Winter- and Summerderby. He does an amazing job for…

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Guestblog: Raging Bull Series: Online by Anies

Anies (aka chatto) was so excited after Raging Bull that he decided to create a tournament report out of it….

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Winter Derby 2020 Tournament Report – 2nd place

Twice a year the biggest online Old School tournament is organised by Dave Firth Bard. The Winter and Summer Derby…