Raging Djinn Series: Coverage & Results

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Sweet! Another Raging X tournament done and I had a blast. After talking with Anne about what else we could do, we created a new format called OS93. AB4k is fantastic and apart from restricting Control Magic it’s a format I wouldn’t change and I would play any time, any day. Creating another format is not always about thinking something is wrong with an existing format, it’s about trying out new stuff. While AB4k is already creature heavy, adding Arabian Nights adds a lot of sweet creatures to the cardpool. Banning City in a Bottle is an obvious choice if you want to see more ARN cards and to be honest, I would be happy if it got restricted in Swedish OS as well. Banning LoA and Mind Twist was about creating even more reason to play aggro or midrange. Hampering control also since The Abyss and Moat are not part of the cardpool.

I gathered most of the usual players and added people who showed interest in the format. The result was a 26 player tournament which means 5 rounds swiss (and not round robin like my screw up from last time). The format isn’t really a spicy one, so I expected mainly spike decks. We saw some very spicy ARN heavy decks by Rob & Dyan, Marten limited himself by not playing a single restricted card and many players played unpowered. Jimmy and David were doing live commentary on Twitch, which was a hassle due to some last minute streaming issues. Nevertheless well done, as it’s fun to watch for some of the viewers and also for the players once done with their own games.

We had a great final between Anne and Francesco, Arabian Aggro vs UW Control. Eventually Francesco won, which just shows how good UW Control is, even when stripping a lot of strong cards from the cardpool. Was the format a success? In the sense that it was fun, definitely! Is it the next best thing? Probably not. If we play it again, Control Magic moves to the restricted list. If you want more Spice, a X ARN card minimum could be added, although I’m normally not a big fan of such a thing. What’s next? The Raging Bull Series, live at the 29th of May! Live? Yes Live. If possible I will host a live tournament for as many players as allowed which are either vaccinated or tested (& quarantined after testing). If this isn’t possible there will be an online version again, although I’m really not looking forward to that.

Pairings & Results

Final Standings:

Participants & Archetypes

1Francesco DelfinoUW Control
2AlphamannetjeArabian Aggro
3Nick CramerUWbgr Aggro
4Peter MontenUGr Aggro Berserk
5EdoUBW Old Queen Control
6Steven DeckersDeadguy AleYes
7RoyDeadguy Ale on Steroids
8Gwenn de SchampelaereArabian Aggro
9Florian van BredowMono Blue
10Koos CramerThe Deck
11RobbieSuicide BRU
12RichardRWu Dragon Fire
13BobUG Flyers
14Wouter BoendermakerErhnam Burn'emYes
15Marten BuhlerRWb RestrictlessYes
16Koender RuifrokDeadguy AleYes
17Wouter JansenMono BlackYes
18HW-MTGErhnam on Ice
19Daniel EriksenErhnamgeddon
20Wouter MaasDeadguy Ale
23David SimonsTroll DiscoYes
24Eric van BijleveltRukhvalley
25DyArabian AleYes
26BroodjesboerBG Arabian Disaster


1 – Francesco Delfino – UW Control
2 – Alphamannetje – Arabian Aggro
3 – Nick Cramer – UWbgr Aggro
4 – Peter Monten – UGr Aggro Berserk
5 – Edo – UBW Old Queen Control
6 – Steven Deckers – Deadguy Ale
7 – Roy – Deadguy Ale on Steroids
8 – Gwenn De Schamphelaere – Arabian Aggro
9 – Florian von Bredow – Mono Blue
10 – Koos Cramer – The Deck
11 – Robbie – Suicide BRU
12 – Richard – RWu Dragon Fire
13 – Bob – UG Flyers
14 – Wouter Boendermaker – Erhnam Burn’em
15 – Marten Buhler – RWb Restrictless
16 – Koendert Ruifrok – Deadguy Ale
17 – Wouter Jansen – Mono Black
18 – HW-MTG – Erhnam on Ice
19 – Daniel Eriksen – Erhnamgeddon
20 – Wouter Maas – Deadguy Ale
21 – Anies – Erhnamgeddon
22 – Chefke – Pestilence
23 – David Simons – Troll Disco
24 – Eric van Bijlevelt – uWR Rukhvalley
25 – Dy – Arabian Ale
26 – Broodjesboer – BG Arabian Disaster

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