Raging Dwarf Series II: Coverage & Results

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Raging Dwarf Series II was another great evening of online MtG. The AB4000 format is truly awesome and besides the actual tournament the brewing aspect keeps people occupied weeks in advance. I’ve seen many people buying more Beta cards over the last months so the format is becoming spikier and at the same time there is a nice known meta (basically Control Magic) from the previous Raging Dwarf & Dwarven Warriors tournaments.

I didn’t advertise for this tournament. I’ve invited a handfull of additional people from who I knew they would like this format. Others reached out after the first iteration and so we ended up with 22 wizards in total. This would normally lead to 5 rounds but since I want to keep it managable on a Friday night we played 4. Crowning a winner is not really the goal of the tournament although I do keep track of scores and post the end-results. I’m a competive player and so are many others, so it’s fine that people want to win. I screwed up by making this a Round-Robin tournament in stead of Swiss. This fits the casual nature of the tournament but also causes a little issue where players who don’t do well, could still end up playing the top players.

After 4 rounds we had 2 players who went undefeated. Dyan even went 8-0 in games with his semi-singleton (lands weren’t singelton) deck while Marten had the best OMW% (Opponent Match Win %) and lost 1 game. Normally OMW% is the first timebreaker but because 8 players were in for a round 5 we did just that. Marten won 2-1 so is the overall champion of this Raging Dwarf Series. Below you can see all match results, deckpics and final standings.

Since we want to keep the AB4000 format “fresh”, there will not be a Raging Dwarf Series anytime soon. The next tournament I’ll be hosting will be the Raging Djinn Series. This tournament is based on a new format called OS93, simply ABU with Arabian Nights. City in a Bottle, Mind Twist and Library of Alexandria banned. You can read the rules here. No date has been set yet but expect end of February beginning of march, 1 evening just like Raging Dwarf.

Pairings & Results

Final Standings:

Participants & Archetypes

1Marten Buhler RWub Midrange
2Dyan de Rochemont4C Singelton
3LeonRW Flare
4Gwenn de SchampelaereThe Deck
5Christian ReinhardDeadguy Ale on Steroids
6Ron DijkstraMono Red Flare
7BroodjesboerMono Blue Fish
8EdoUW Control
9RoyMono Black
10RobbieGrwu Aggro
11Wouter BoendermakerBR PonzaYes
13Alexander HoeperMono GreenYes
14SimonDeadguy AleYes
15AlphamannetjeUG Ramp
16ChefkeMono BlackYes
17HW-MTGGR AggroYes
18RichardMono Blue FishYes
19SkillsAreImba5C Mono Black
20BSTUW Flyers
21Peter MontenUG MidrangeYes
22Daniel Østergaard EriksenMono GreenYes


1 – Marten Buhler – RWub Midrange
2 – Dyan – 4C Singelton
3 – Leon – RW Flare
4 – Gwenn de Schampelaere – The Deck
5 – Christian Reinhard – Deadguy Ale on Steroids
6 – Ron Dijkstra – Mono Red Flare
7 – Broodjesboer – Mono Blue Fish
8 – Edo – UW Control
9 – Roy – Mono Black
10 – Robbie – Grwu Aggro
11 – Wouter Boendermaker – BR Ponza
12 – Koos – CounterBurn
13 – Alexander Hoeper – Mono Green
14 – Simon – Deadguy Ale
15 – Alphamannetje – UG Ramp
16 – Chefke – Mono Black
17 – HW-MTG – GR Aggro
18 – Richard – Mono Blue Fish
19 – SkillsAreImba – 5C Mono Black
20 – BST – UW Flyers
21 – Peter Monten – UG Midrange
22 – Daniel Østergaard Eriksen – Mono Green

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Started playing in 1995 when Ice Age was launched and quit playing in 1999 since I didn't like the fast rotation of cards. When I heard about Old School Magic in 2017 I returned to the scene and now I'm spending way to much time on Magic, loving it all the way!

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